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About  Angie 


Angie Marie is an author, international speaker, and life coach.

Angie has 20+ years of experience in several areas including advocacy, administration, consulting, education, finance, and research. A leader whose work spans several continents including North & South America, Europe, and Africa, she was well sought after by the Caribbean media and other agencies for insight and assistance in the area of consumer protection, while she served as one of the Caribbean’s leading voices. Having faced and overcome several challenging situations in her life, including recovery from serious injuries sustained in a major car accident, overcoming grief, and challenges she faced as an immigrant, Angie now empowers others, showing them how to overcome obstacles, excel, and become the best versions of themselves, regardless of the hurdles, with which they may be faced. 

Footprints Around The World

See the countries Angie has been to and / or made an impact in.

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Angie's Mission

Helping People:


1. Alleviate the pain and anxiety of separation​

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2. Eradicate the scars of divorce

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3. Eliminate limits as an immigrant

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